About - The Efficient Classroom



Hi y’all! I am Kacie and I am the secondary math nerd behind The Efficient Classroom. I began my career teaching 7th grade Math and Honors Algebra. I taught middle schoolers for nine years before moving to high school to teach Geometry. My passion lies with those points, lines, and planes, though I really love all Math subjects.

I started The Efficient Classroom (formerly Managing and Motivating Math Minds) because I want to help students through helping teachers. I had a lot of help and support throughout my career, so I want to pay it forward to help and support others. Students need teachers’ best and I believe when teachers learn to be efficient with their time, space, and relationships, it allows then to unlock their students’ potential. And it makes for less stress, so it’s a win-win!

I know one of my strengths as an educator was managing my time, within the class period and in planning, making the most of my classroom learning spaces, and most importantly- building genuine relationships with my students and co-workers. These practices led to few behavior problems and more engagement from my learners. I want to share these ideas so that all teachers feel less stressed and have confidence their students are getting their best.

Want to know more? Here is a bit more about me. I am married with three wonderful children. My brilliant and beautiful daughter is studying to be an elementary teacher and my twin boys bring joy to everything they do and everyone they meet. I love Jesus and want to spend my life loving and serving others. I am an Enneagram 9 Wing 1 and love southern sweet tea. I untie knots for fun and was a classically trained ballet dancer. I love to read and was also a mascot for University of Arkansas, where I went to college. Check out my This or That for more random and uninteresting (honestly, though! LOL) facts about me!