Celebrating Holidays in the Secondary Classroom

Celebrating Holidays in the Secondary Classroom

I love the holiday season so much I couldn’t limit my ideas of celebrating in the classroom to just one blog post! So for round two of Celebrating Holidays in the Secondary Math Classroom I’ve got eight more jolly + easy ideas!


Anytime you can tie in your curriculum with holiday spirit, it’s a win! I use these 2D printable nets and have students find their surface area. Then, they color, decorate, and fold to form 3D prisms, cones, and pyramids to make “ornaments.” I add some hooks and they add them to any faux tree. Then, it’s a geomeTREE!

Celebrating Holidays in the Geometry Classroom

Twinkle Lights

This one is easy peasy! Simply string up some twinkle lights to bring some extra holiday cheer. Don’t have any? Put a call out to parents. I’m willing to bet you’d end up with more lights than you know what to do with!


Another easy and cheap way to decorate your classroom for the season! You could have students create their own snowflake as a brain break or surprise them with a ceiling full of these fun, 3D snowflakes!

Hot Chocolate Party

Take a break and enjoy some Hot Cocoa! If your school is like mine, there are definitely some percolators or coffee makers hiding out in a workroom. Grab those bad boys, some hot chocolate packets and marshmallows, and have some winter fun with your students!

Holiday Pennants

Here is another way to make practice double as holiday decorations! You could create your own pennant garland or check these out that Shana from Scaffolded Math and Science already created for you!

Color By Number

Have a bulletin board outside your room that you’d like to deck out for the holidays? This Color by Number resource is the perfect Transformations practice for your students AND will bring some holiday cheer to your hallway!

Play a Holiday Movie

December can be overwhelming for both teachers and students. Take a break and watch a movie….but, make it count! Hayley from Activity After Math has created math worksheets to go along with several of your favorite holiday movies.

Cookie Exchange

Have students bring a dozen or so of their favorite cookies. Then, students get to swap cookies with other students until they have an assortment of different cookies to try. I try to bring plenty of extras for any students who forgot or couldn’t bring cookies. This would go well on a review day as motivation to work hard and get a cookie party as a reward at the end of class!

Celebrating Holidays in the Secondary Classroom



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