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What are choice boards and how do they work as a practice activity?

Traditionally, choice boards have been used for big projects or assessments with elaborate options and rubrics created for each option. We think of options like write a song or poem, create a PowerPoint presentation, make a video, etc. And these things are great, but choice boards do not have to be this involved. Any set of options students get to choose from is a choice board. Bottom line – if you are giving students a choice about their work, it’s a choice board. 

  • This or That? For each number, students chose either “This” question or “That” question to answer.
  • Add It Up! Students choose from banks of questions worth different amounts based on their difficulty. They have to answer questions to add up to a teacher-given goal. They may do several simpler questions or few difficult questions.
  • BINGO! Students select five questions in a row to answer. They may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Or add a bit of challenge and have them do two rows of different directions.
  • Tic Tac Toe Students choose three problems in a row to complete a tic tac toe.
  • MATH Board Like Bingo, but students chose four questions in a row to answer. They may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

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