Math Workshop for Effective Intervention

Struggling in mathematics is not the enemy any more than sweating is in basketball, it’s a clear sign you are in the game.”

Want to learn more about effective ways to implement intervention through math workshops? That doesn’t include massive prep work or management of station rotations? If this is you, check out this video training I did over Math Workshop for Effective Intervention. Linked below is a free guide to implementing it in your classroom.

So, what makes this system for math workshop different than others? There are no stations and no rotations. There is nothing wrong with workshops that utilize stations and have students rotating. I have used this system and found a lot of positives. But, I also found some barriers. It required a lot of prep. Honestly, all teaching does. But when I planned stations, it was more time, more printing, and more effort. Additionally, students found more opportunities to get off task. If I was working with a small group, the rotations seemed to create just enough chaos that they could be off-task or having non-academic conversations and I could not address them.

Another benefit of this workshop system is the emphasis on Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III interventions. And there were opportunities for all three levels within each class period. Even without a co-teacher. That has been huge for growth!

Is your mind swirling with ideas and questions? Watch the video and download the guide below.

Possible Math Workshop Structures

Thanks for visiting and watching! If you would like more ideas for engaging your math students, check out this post about effectively using word walls.

Math Workshop for Effective Intervention



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