I am so excited to participate in the Monday Made-it for the 2nd time.  I know my blog is designed for teachers, but today’s is mostly about my personal life.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry. 
It was fun to think about things I was creating this week in preparation for this blog post.  So…here goes!

My first project was one I had put off for a few weeks.  (I’m a big procrastinator.)  We recently moved into our new house and let’s just say unpacking and decorating has been s.l.o.w.  One room that went really quickly was my sons’ sports-themed bedroom (…yes, it’s very stereotypically boyish, but I LOVE it).  They are twins and sleep in the same room, so we only had to buy and hang one set of decorations.  We had the painters help set the design by painting the walls different colors with some accent stripes and my husband and I hung some of Hobby Lobby’s cute sports décor on the wall.  Here are a few pics of the room so far.

All it needed was a mirror for the dresser.  I had an old square, plain-framed mirror that was perfect.  Except the frame was light green.  So…I repainted it white.
Then, added the final touches and ta-da!!!

I am so proud of it.  Here it is hung on the wall!

For my Made-It #2, I did something really out of my comfort zone.  I mean, I very rarely ever do this next thing.  Are you ready?  I cooked.  Yes, I know.  I’m pitiful, but I just really am not a proficient cook.  As much as I am my grandmother made over, I did not inherit her ability to cook.  And, technically, I wasn’t really cooking.  I more or less baked.  (Less.)  But, it was delicious.  And, it was extra special because my big helpers made it with me.
I present to you World’s Best Ooey Goey!

World’s Best (and Easiest) Ooey Gooey
Graham Cracker Crust
1 can of Eagle Brand Milk
Toffee Bits
Caramel Pieces
Chocolate Chips
Graham Cracker Crumbles
Pour a layer of Eagle Brand into the bottom of the crust.  Then add a hand-full(ish) of each ingredient.  Then, repeat until it’s full.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Let it cool before eating.  Store in refrigerator.  Best served warm, so it is ooey and gooey.  (After it has been refrigerated, I cut a slice and microwave it for about 15-20 seconds.)
My 3rd Monday Made-It is a series of posters I have begun working on for my store.  I finally decided the theme for my new classroom.  I am going with Navy and Green Nautical.  I know it’s everywhere, but I have always really liked the combo and I am totally digging this trend. So, since I am moving to new subjects, a new grade, and a new school, I needed some new decoration.  So, I am making standards for the High School Math Common Core Courses.  I only have completed the Standards of Mathematical Practices, which I am offering for free as a sample to the others and the Geometry set.  Grab the freebie HERE.  I plan to make a set for all of the courses because I will be teaching at least two of them and who knows what else in the future.   Check out the Geometry set HERE.  Anyway, I LOVE them and hope you do too!

Happy Monday and have a super week!  Thank you to 4th Grade Frolics for allowing me to link up!



6 thoughts on “Monday Made-It: Making and Baking”

  1. Thanks Melissa! As the boys were going to sleep last night and we were trying to get them to be quiet and still, Jack sat up and looked at me and said, "I love my mirror, Mommy!" It was perfect!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your twins are so cute! I am NOT a cook, baker, etc. either. I didn't inherit that gene from my mother or grandmothers. I know this is/was disappointing to them. It's not that I don't know how to do it….it's that I don't LIKE to do it. I'm not sure there is a difference though. I love what you have done with the boys' room. I love baseball!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Thanks, Alison! Haha…I am not good at it, nor do I like it. But I think you may be right…not sure there is a difference. Thanks, we are very pleased with the way it turned out. And, the boys like it, so that's what really matters. 🙂


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