My 3 Favorite Things About “Tools for Positive Behavior Management”

I am so thankful to be a part of Cara Taylor’s Blog Product Swap for which I am writing this post. It is a great idea and I have really learned a lot through this process. I had the opportunity to review a classroom management product from Literary Sherri and after I looked through it, it made me want to be a fly on the wall of her classroom, because I can tell she is a master of creating a well-run classroom that’s oozing with positivity. With the way her classroom is structured, I doubt she has many of the days that make you want to pull your hair out…the ones that really try your patience.

You know the days. The ones that make you rethink your choice of profession. They don’t happen too often, but it’s those days that test every ounce of self-control you have- from another administrative hoop to jump through to a full-moon to all technology going haywire. It is on those days that the children’s behavior seem to be a little bit out of control. They can smell blood. It has happened to the best of us. But those days are combatable. If your class is set up as Sherri’s product guides you to do, the behavior problems will be much less frequent and intense. And because there will still be some, she provides strategies and actual printables for dealing with misbehaviors in a calm, respectful, and corrective manner.

This is the type of resource you need to have before you begin the school year to help you start off on the right foot, but would also rescue a teacher who is having a classroom management struggle.

So, finally, here are my 3 Favorite Things about Tools for Positive Behavior Management:
1. What To Do During Class. This printable is a practical guide to managing your students during class. It provides a list of strategies to try if students are not on task, if they are, and if they must leave the room. I suggest printing this out and leaving it on your desk as a reminder of the variety of strategies to try. I even highlighted a few of my favorites and ones that I forget about using. Great tool for any teacher’s toolbox.
2. Behavior Reflection Journals. There are three versions of these printable forms for you to use with students who have misbehaved and need to correct the behavior. Below is an example of one. But, the thing I like most about this section of the ToolKit is that Sherri gives tips and helpful strategies for implementation for getting the most out of these journals.
3. Overall Focus on Positivity. So often teachers get caught up in the negativity of students’s acting out. It is a hard thing to deal with and it can bring us down.  By using some or all of Sherri’s tools, the focus shifts to being positive and finding the good moments so you can capitalize on them and give the student confidence in doing the right thing. Middle School students are trying to find themselves and struggle with what they want to be known for. This approach will help guide them to choosing the right thing.
I hope you will check out Sherri’s awesome Tools for Positive Behavior Management. It is stocked with useful behavior management tools: 32 pages full! It is a fantastic resource for veterans and new teachers!



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