Back to School- Teaching Procedures PowerPoint



The Back-to-School Procedure Resource you must have…perfect for the first day of school or beginning of the school year! This PowerPoint is an engaging way to teach students your procedures.

“Questions About This Class You Didn’t Know You Had”

Strong, well-taught and assessed procedures are key to a smooth year. Students need them as much as the teacher. This is a PowerPoint aimed at middle through high school students. It is designed in a fun Q and A format. And, because teaching procedures at the beginning of the year means a lot of “teacher talk,” I’ve added in fun memes, comics, and brain breaks to make it engaging for students. The thorough questions serve as a checklist for teachers…if you don’t have a procedure for this, consider one. The detailed notes for each slide serve as potential solutions for how to handle each situation, so BE SURE TO VIEW WITH NOTES.

Perfect for any NEW teacher or anyone who is looking to improve teaching their classroom procedures.

It was designed for a Math class, but is easily adaptable for any class. Need to make changes? PP allows you to do that by simply adding a text box/image/shape. Due to copyright laws, the template is not editable. I have placed multiple blank template pages in the “Extra Resources” section. Just add your touches and save as a new file.

This resource includes 31 slides of the PowerPoint to show students and 13 slides of “Extra Resources,” including printables to compliment some slides for a total of 44 helpful slides. Download my preview to get a sneak peek!

This is the fun, polka dot theme. If you would like to view my Navy and Green theme, CLICK HERE or see my new, black and white theme by CLICKING HERE.

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♥ Kacie Travis


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