Bell Work Triangles & Similarity (Geometry Bell Ringers, Warm Ups)



Who enjoys creating effective Bell Work questions every day? No teacher ever! This product is the answer to all your problems! Also called Bell Ringers, Warm-ups, Entrance Tickets, Do-Nows, these prompts are perfect for getting your geometry students thinking mathematically about triangle properties and similarity.

These can also be used for exit tickets, station activities, task cards, and quick checks for understanding.

In this product, you will receive 16 days of questions, with each day having 2-6 questions. There are different versions from which you can choose:

  • PDF slides for projection, 1 day per slide (INCLUDES ALL ANSWERS)
  • PDF printable for student handouts, 4 per page (great for Interactive Notebooks)
  • PowerPoint with all blank templates for you to add exactly what you need and keep a consistent look

Concepts and Skills Covered:

  • solving proportions review
  • similarity and triangle vocabulary (matching)
  • triangle postulates and theorem (matching)
  • Triangle Sum Theorem
  • Exterior Angle Theorem
  • Isosceles Triangle Theorem
  • Triangle Inequality Theorem
  • similar triangles and indirect measurement
  • corresponding parts in similar triangles
  • similarity statements
  • True or False on properties and definitions
  • determining similarity using shortcuts (AA, SSS, SAS)
  • similarity proofs
  • dilation with center of dilation at origin
  • dilation with center of dilation at non-origin

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