Geometry Notes for Interactive Notebooks YEAR-LONG BUNDLE

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Geometry teachers, do you need quality guided notes for your interactive notebooks (INB) that don’t waste paper? Save yourself the time you would spend creating them yourself! These no-waste guided notes with examples provide two student notebook pages with each printed page.

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Why buy the bundle?

You pay $40 for what is worth $68.75! BIG SAVINGS! Additionally, you get three bonus files!

What is included?

1-1 Points, Lines, & Planes

1-2 Sketching, Notating, and Drawing

1-3 Measuring Segments and Angles

1-4 Intro to Angles and Basic Angle Pairs

1-5 The Coordinate Plane with Distance and Midpoint

1-6 Special Segments in Triangles & Points of Concurrency with Constructions

2-1 Lines Cut by a Transversal

2-2 Inductive Reasoning

2-3 Conditional Statements

2-4 Deductive Reasoning

2-5 Intro to Proofs I: Algebraic Reasoning

2-6 Intro to Proofs II: Angles and Lines

3-1 Classifying Triangles

3-2 Triangle Theorems

3-3 Similarity and Similar Figures

3-4 Similar Triangles and Shortcuts

3-5 Similarity in Right Triangles

3-6 Similarity Proofs

3-7 Dilations

4-1 Translations

4-2 Reflections

4-3 Rotations

4-4 Compositions of Transformations

4-5 Symmetry

4-6 Congruence and Congruent Triangles

4-7 Congruent Triangle Proofs

5-1 Review of Radical Expressions

5-2 Pythagorean Theorem with Distance

5-3 Pythagorean Converse & Inequalities

5-4 Special Right Triangles

5-5 Right Triangle Trig

5-6 Unit Circle

6-1 Area and Circumference

6-2 Arcs and Chords

6-3 Angles and Circles

6-4 Segments and Circles

6-5 Arc Length and Area of a Sector

6-6 Equation of a Circle

7-1 Polygon Properties

7-2 Quadrilaterals

7-3 Proving Quadrilaterals on a Coordinate Plane

7-4 Area of 2D Shapes and Composites

7-5 Area of Regular Polygons

8-1 3D Figures, Nets, and Cross-Sections

8-2 Surface Area

8-3 Volume

8-4 Modeling with Geometry

8-5 Areas & Volumes of Similar Solids

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What is the Bonus File?

With this purchase, you receive a bonus file, which includes:

  • a PDF document of the Units At-A-Glance
  • editable Unit Intro Pages with Tabs (PowerPoint File)
  • editable notes templates to add your own if needed (PowerPoint File)

Other questions?

If you have questions about the bundle, please ask in the Q&A! I am here to help.

Still not sure? I have made the Lines Cut by a Transversal INB Notes FREE so you can sample the sets and get an idea of how they work.

These guided notes are helpful with fulfilling IEPs and 504s that are written to help support student note-taking. Also very helpful for English Language Learners.

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