Geometry PowerPoint Unit Bundle | Triangles & Similarity DISTANCE LEARNING

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Teachers, save yourself time creating lessons! This fully editable PowerPoint bundle of seven lessons is professionally designed and teaches students the important skills related to triangles and similarity. This bundle includes seven lessons for a total of 44 animated slides encouraging continued student engagement.

Essential Skills from this unit:

  • determine whether three given side lengths can form a triangles
  • know and be able to use the Triangle Sum Theorem, Isosceles Triangle Theorem, Hinge Theorem, Triangle Inequality Theorem, and Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem
  • interpret and write a similarity statement
  • use definition of similarity to determine if figures are similar or not
  • solve for missing parts of figures using proportions
  • apply similarity to solve problems using indirect measurement
  • prove two triangles are similar using similarity shortcuts
  • use geometric mean theorems to solve problems involving similar right triangles
  • dilate figures not on a coordinate plane
  • dilate figures on a coordinate plane with center of dilation at origin and non-origin

View the Preview and Videos from each product to see just what you receive in this resource.

Want to see each product individually?

3-1 Classifying Triangles

3-2 Triangle Theorems

3-3 Similarity & Similar Figures

3-4 Similar Triangles & Shortcuts

3-5 Similarity in Right Triangles

3-6 Similarity Proofs

3-7 Dilations

Teaching virtually? Face to face? Both?

  • Record your voice directly onto the slides and send the file to your students to watch at home as a PowerPoint slideshow. Insert > Audio > Record Audio.
  • Use screencast software (Screencastify, Screen Cast-O-Matic, Zoom, Loom, Google Meets) to record yourself sharing your screen. Upload to YouTube and send the links to students.
  • Hold a live video session (via Zoom, Google Meets, etc.) with your students and screen share the PowerPoint slide show.
  • Record yourself teaching the lesson face to face using the PowerPoint.
  • Send the PowerPoint to absent students.
  • Use when you have a sub to ensure students are getting quality content even when you aren’t there.

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to open. I also included a sample PDF with each resource so that if there are formatting discrepancies, you can match fonts (for free) to make it format correctly. Due to the nature of the clip artists’ Terms of Use, the clip art is locked, but the content is entirely editable.

*Bonus File!* Also included in this download is a bonus Unit-at-a-Glance! You receive a unit overview, part of the full curriculum map.

Need guided notes that compliment the PowerPoint? Here you go! These Interactive Notebook Notes use the same format and examples so your students can write the notes as you teach.

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