Interactive Notebook Notes Tools of Geometry BUNDLE

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Need quality Geometry notes for your interactive notebooks (INB) that don’t waste paper? These notes for Unit 1: Tools of Geometry use all parts of the page with guided notes, guided practice, and independent practice as you introduce your students to these basic geometry concepts. Students cut the guided notes section off for note-taking and then use the leftovers for guided practice, visual cues, and independent practice. No more wasting space on a page or scraps of paper!

Essential Skills from this unit:

  • sketch using appropriate markings
  • interpret sketches and markings
  • understand accurate definitions
  • understand the relationships between basic angle pairs
  • apply algebra to interpret sketches and find missing information
  • measure with ruler and protractor
  • classify triangles based on angle measures and side lengths
  • construct special segments in triangles using appropriate tools
  • connect the parts of the definitions to the process of construction
  • use algebra to find missing parts based on the properties of the special segments

Want to see each product individually?

1-1 Points, Lines, and Planes

1-2 Sketching, Notating, and Drawing

1-3 Measuring Segments and Angles

1-4 Intro to Angles

1-5 The Coordinate Plane with Distance and Midpoint

1-6 Special Segments, Points of Concurrency, and Construction

Please check out the PREVIEW above to see more information about the content of the notes and how to use them.

*Bonus File!* Also included in this download is a bonus Unit-at-a-Glance! You receive a unit overview, part of the full curriculum map.

These guided notes are helpful with fulfilling IEPs and 504s that are written to help support student note-taking. Also very helpful for English Language Learners.

Want a teaching PowerPoint to accompany these notes? Click here!

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