Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Task Cards PRINT & DIGITAL



These task cards are perfect for engaging your students in practice with angles and lines! Get them up and moving with this fun alternative to a worksheet! Or assign it as a Google Form as a digital learning activity!

Students use their understanding of lines cut by a transversal to answer questions about angles that are created by these lines.

This product contains 24 (4 per page) problems on task cards, student answer sheet, teacher answer key, and a link to a Google form with these same 24 problems.

Students are asked to:

  • name the marked angle pairs (corresponding, alternate exterior, alternate interior, vertical, same-side (consecutive) interior, or same-side (consecutive) exterior)
  • find missing angle measures
  • solve for the value of x using algebra
  • determine if lines are parallel or not when given two angle measures.

The Google Form version is linked inside the product. The question types include multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank.

Please check out the preview to see the task cards!

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