Percent Activity Tax, Tip, Sale/Discount Lesson Plan


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This lesson plan is an engaging, real-world percent simulation that covers tax, markdowns, gratuities, and estimation.

During this well-planned, relevant lesson students are engaged in a rigorous activity that encourages student dialogue. Students go to three different stations/businesses: fast food restaurant, fancy restaurant, and an apparel store.


  • Detailed Lesson Plan
  • Bell Work (2 options depending on your students’ prior knowledge)
  • Differentiated and Scaffolded Activity Sheets (Version A is for struggling learners and B is for grade level or above)
  • Price Tags and Sale signs for store, where they will estimate sale costs
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Business Signs for each station
  • Differentiated and Scaffolded Homework Assignments (Version A is modified and B is grade level or above)
  • Pre-made Exit Tickets for your convenience
  • Answer Keys for all student work
  • Short Constructed Response Writing Prompt with grading rubric

This is a perfect evaluation lesson for an observation by an administrator.

Common Core Standard 7.RP.3 and Standards of Mathematical Practice 1, 3, 5, and 7.


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