Polygons and Quadrilaterals Task Card Bundle Print and Digital


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This is a money-saving bundle of three task card resources that deal with Area of 2D Shapes and Composite Figures, Polygon Properties, and Proving Quadrilaterals on a Coordinate Plane. Get students up and out of their seats with these engaging alternatives to worksheets. Or assign the task cards digitally with the Google Form versions.

Each set comes in printable PDF with 4 cards per page AND a link to a Google Form or Slides with the same questions. So, it is perfect for teaching face to face, virtual, or hybrid!

Here is a bit more about each product:

  • 24 task cards with practice applying the Area formula to 2D shapes, composite figures, shaded figures, bounded area, and regular polygons,
  • 24 task cards with practice using and applying properties of polygons and quadrilaterals to find missing measures within the shapes (with and without algebra),
  • 20 task cards with practice over using slope and distance to classify and proves types of quadrilaterals.

Please check out the preview to see more or click on each product to see more information.

These task cards cost a total of $12 at the original price, but purchase in the bundle and it’s like getting one for FREE!

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