Standards for Mathematical Practices Sorting Activity PRINT & DIGITAL



Do you need a better way to familiarize your students with the eight Standards for Mathematical Practices?

This sorting activity has multiple implementation options so you can choose the one that best meets the needs of your students and classroom. It offers options for individual, paired, or group work. It also has been updated to include a digital option in Google Slides.

If you are using the printables, the resource includes colorful activity boards and B&W for printing choices!

This is also a wonderful activity for professional development for teachers to familiarize themselves with the practices.

Some examples of ways to use this activity include:

♦ Give each group the small activity board with a set of the statements pieces in a sandwich baggie. As a group, students sort the statement pieces onto the correct board. Have groups/pairs compare results. Discuss as a class. Have students fill out the graphic organizer.

♦ Project the activity boards onto your whiteboard or write the standards and section it off. Attach magnets to the backs of the statement pieces. Distribute the pieces to students or pairs of students. After giving them think time, have students come to the board and place the statement on the board they think it best fits. Have a class discussion to try to get class consensus. Have students complete graphic organizer.

♦ Hang large activity boards around the classroom. Attach several Velcro dots to boards and to backs of pieces. Distribute statement pieces among students or pairs and have them do a gallery walk and attach the piece to the board they think it best fits. Have a class discussion to try to get class consensus. Have students complete graphic organizer.

♦ Assign the card sort to students through Google Classroom, which can lead to rich conversations about the practices.

Please note:

  • Some statements may fit into multiple standards, which can lead to a great discussion. Answer key is a suggested guide.
  • This activity (when using the printables) requires some prep time.

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