Teacher Evaluation Binder Charlotte Danielson Purple Theme



This 97-page professional resource is designed to help you stay organized and sane throughout your evaluation process. Collecting evidence has never been so easy! It supports teacher evaluation systems based on the Framework for Teaching Model by Charlotte Danielson.

Here is what you receive with your purchase:

•pages 1-4: Binder Cover Options

•pages 5-39: Domain and Component Title Pages

•pages 40-47: Blank Template Pages

•pages 48-49: Spine Options

•pages 50-76: Table Of Content Pages for your Binder

•pages 77-96: Important and Useful Additional Resources/Examples of Artifacts (a few examples: EDITABLE Lesson Plan Template, EDITABLE Record-keeping Documents, EDITABLE Seating Charts, EDITABLE Seating Chart Rationale page)

Be sure to view with the notes before printing because there are many helpful details and hints!

This is the Fun Purple Theme.

See the Navy and White Professional Theme here.

See the Red and White Theme here.

See the INK-SAVING Black and White Theme here.

Keywords: TESS, Evaluation, Evidence, Excellence, Support, APPR, Annual, Professional, Performance, Review, Portfolio


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