Spirit Week Ideas for High School

Coming up with fun and creative ideas and themes for spirit week can be tricky for high school teachers and students. But, it is a useful tool for building school spirit and comradery. My best teacher friend and I have so much fun getting into the spirit! The students love it too! They will come back even when they don’t have us in class to see what we come up with each day. 

Check out some of our favorites below (with some cameos from our beloved interns). Also, you can find a free list of ideas at the bottom of the post!

Spirit Week Twin Day
Twin Day
Twin Day
Twin Day
Spirit Week Tiny Tot
Tiny Tot Tuesday
Spirit Week Wacky Wednesday
Wacky Wednesday
Spirit Week Plaid
Plaid Day
Spirit Week Hawaiian
Hawaiian Day
Spirit Week Denim
Denim Day
List of Color's Day Ideas

My school has Colors’ Day in the spring as the alternative to Homecoming. One year for spirit week, to stay on brand with “Colors’ Day,’ each day of spirit week was to dress up as a color. It was great because it gave all students an opportunity to easily participate. And it gave Erica and I another opportunity to go all out!

Spirit Week Red
Red Pantone Color Swatch
Spirit Week Yellow
Yellow Crayons
Spirit Week Pink
Pink Monotone
Spirit Week Blue
Blue Paint Swatches
Spirit Week Mom and Dad Day
Mom and Dad Day
Spirit Week Purple
School Spirit Day
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo (Lola and Bugs)
Dynamic Duo (Lola and Bugs)
Spirit Week
Decade Day (Back to the Future)
Spirit Week
Decade Day (Back to the Future)
Weekend Update
Celebrity Lookalike (Tina Fey and Amy Poeler)
Spirit Week
Animal Day
Spirit Week Red, White, Blue
'Merica Monday
Spirit Week Overalls
Spirit Overalls
Spirit Week Overalls
Overalls Back
Spirit Week Overalls
Spirit Overalls
Spirit Week Music Genre
Music Genre Day
Spirit Week Monochromatic Monday
Monochromatic Monday
Spirit Week Jersey
Jersey Thursday
Spirit Week Mom and Dad Monday
Mom and Dad Monday
Spirit Week Pool Day
Pool Day
Spirit Week Mullet
Mullet Day (Business on Top, Party on Bottom)
Spirit Week Pajamas
Pajama Day
Spirit Week Tiny Tot Tuesday
Tiny Tot Tuesday
Way Down South Wednesday
Way Down South Wednesday
Meme Monday
Meme Monday
Meme Monday
Meme Monday

Hopefully, you found some inspiration for a super-spirited spirit week! If you are looking for more ideas, I compiled a list of even more than you see above. Click the button below to get the free download!

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