Teachers of Summer Instagram Challenge

I love Instagram. I have been using Instagram as a personal form of social media for almost two years.  It is more user friendly and fun than Facebook or Twitter, though I use those, too.  So, I set up an account that is tied to me as a teacher and small business owner in hopes of connecting with other teachers.  It was suggested to me to use the #teachersfollowteachers hashtag and I could connect with lots of other teachers! 
Well, I am finding it to be a flop.  I am not making a ton of connections and frankly, I am just not sure what to post about.  I know people don’t want to follow a feed of products, so I limit those.  I have my personal account for all my family and personal posts, so I don’t post many of those.  There are too many risks involved with taking pictures of my students.  And otherwise, my life seems too boring to post a feed of meaningless pictures of what I am doing at each moment.
So, I am trying something I have seen my students do.  It’s a photo-a-day challenge and I designed it specifically for teachers on summer break.  Check it out and participate if you would like.  I think it will be fun and meaningful, but random way!  Just take a photo that correlates to that day’s theme, post it, and use the #teachersofsummer hashtag.

My Instagram name is www.instagram.com/mmmmkacietravis.  (It was recently pointed out to me that someone thought my insta-name was the “Mmmm” someone makes when tasting something tasty…I didn’t intend for it to be that.  It’s short for my brand name, Managing and Motivating Math Minds.  Oops!)  Follow me and my boring feed while you’re checking out the photo challenge.  🙂
Comment below your Instagram name and any challenges and/or success you have had with it!  See you there!



5 thoughts on “Teachers of Summer Instagram Challenge”

  1. That's a cool idea!

    I don't have products or anything, but I do love seeing other teacher blogs – what they're up to and what they're creating.

    My IG is pretty personal but I do have school things every once in a while. I think it's just what you feel you want to show about yourself 🙂

    Just followed! (anisaloveu)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  2. Hey Anisa! Thanks for sharing about your Instagram. I am trying to push myself to be more collaborative by posting a variety of things. Hope to see your challenge photos!



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